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Unleash the Marketing Power of the Internet

It’s no longer adequate to write a book, put up your Website, and expect people to find you. You need to maximize your websites value through interactivity, sharing, and building relationships. Leveraging social media marketing to build your platform and to make yourself stand out from the crowd is not that difficult.

I’ve spoken to many people lately who have a manuscript and just want their book published. They were under the impression that once the book was on Amazon, the book would just sell. They didn’t realize they had to do the majority of the marketing, no matter who published their book. Most didn’t even have a Facebook account, much less a fan page – basically no “followers” – just friends. Friends are great, but without an interest in the subject matter and people to persuade to purchase, what did they have? Nothing.

The core of social network marketing is relationship development. Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter allow you to find and link to other people. Once you have connected, you can keep that person’s contact information, interests, posts, and so forth up-to-date. Some sites have limits on the number of followers you can have, but being able to develop relationships with people around the world is key.

Developing a following should be your first priority. Here are 5 ways to get noticed and start to create your group:

  1. Join Facebook Groups whose interest is the same as yours. Comment on posts, but don’t always market yourself or you will get blocked from the group.
  2. Create a blog on your website and post information on your subject matter. Make sure to allow for comments. Solicit feedback on your subject. After all, how do you know someone will want to read your book if you don’t ask how they feel about the subject?
  3. Join groups on LinkedIn. Again, comment on others’ posts but don’t continually market. If allowed, post an introduction of yourself with a link to your website.
  4. Network in your local community. There are free networking opportunities and paid opportunities.
  5. Visit your local library, local bookstores, and go online (Amazon & Barnes and Noble) to see what people are reading. Is there a true interest in your specialty?

Do your homework. Research what other authors are doing. Not all marketing is the same. Try and try again to find the best way to market your book. There is no “one size fits all”.

If you are unsure of your direction, hire a personal coach. Feel free to reach out to me for any questions you may have.

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