Young Ones and Holiday Safety

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There is so much going on during the holidays. We are busy shopping, making lists (checking them dozens of times!), and decorating our homes. Some things to keep in mind in regards to the children are:

1) Do not burn candles made from Paraffin wax. Petroleum, which is the base product for paraffin, gives off smoke/exhaust which contains carcinogenic toxins not to mention the black soot, which can be dangerous for little lungs.

2) Make sure to keep candles and matches out of reach of children.

3) Shorten power cords to avoid tripping.

4) Keep toddlers away from the Christmas tree. If they are unsteady on their feet they could pull the tree on them.

5) When shopping, make sure to keep your children with you at all times. The holidays are targeted for child abductions.

6) Keep a three-foot kid-free zone in front of cooking appliances to prevent burns.

7) For the first few years of toddler-hood – use unbreakable ornaments. Keep the expensive and glass ornaments for another time when everyone can enjoy them.

8) As the weather changes, we are now faced with the “sniffles.” Make sure to wash you hands frequently and have the children do the same.

9) If you allow young children to eat candy canes, (or any other holiday candy) be careful. Sit with them and help them. They can bite off a piece and choke if not careful.

10) If you have a fireplace, make sure to keep the screen up at all times.

Enjoy your holiday!

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