Where’s Your Focus?

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Are the events in your life controlling you, or are you controlling them?  Did you know the amount of stress you feel is directly related to how in control you feel about your life?

Why do we allow things to take control of us? Why do we choose to focus on things we can’t control – past or present? Everyone would like to turn back the clock to do things differently. Impossible!

Leaders focus on what they can control, what they have, and what they want. Change your focus and become your own creator of life and not a manager of your life.

Don’t lose your vision with the disappointments along the way. Don’t let others crush something that you are excited about. There will always be someone in your life that will disappoint you or betray you, but you can’t put your focus on that.

There is an old saying: “Focus goes where energy flows.” Put your energy into creating a positive outcome for your future. To create a life where you’re thriving, not just surviving, you must focus on creating a compelling future. Pick anything – a goal, dream, and desire – something that you want so much, and you will be compelled to make it happen. Think about those things in the past that you wanted so badly and you found a way to get them. You are responsible for everything that you have in your life today.

Start today and focus on the things you can control, the difference you can make, and the things that are already in your life that you are grateful for. Let the rest go.

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