What’s Important?

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I believe the future of our young adults is very important. They need all of the guidance and knowledge that we can pass on. This is one of the reasons that I wrote this book. I feel that the knowledge that is within these pages is vital to their well-being. Every little bit that we do to help them, takes one more item of burden off of them. There is so much technology and other things to keep up with, so why not give them short cuts and helpful hints to get them through the daily grind.

“Useful Information for Everyday Living” does just that. I formatted the book so that it is in short, easy to understand bullet items. This way there isn’t too much information that would constitute as “blah, blah, blah” after reading. The book is intended to plant the seed of knowledge of things that need or should be done in their every day life so that they have that reminder in the back of their mind for times when they need it most.

Please pass this along to those that you know could benefit from this type of information. And, don’t forget to visit my website at http://www.michele.sfakianos.com.

Thanks and keep the knowledge going!

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