What Does a New Year Mean to You?

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At this time of the year when we are getting ready to start a new year, I hear people talking about “New Year’s Resolutions” – you know – those things that they say they are going to do in the new year and don’t! I know the effort is there but by February the diet is usually a memory, quitting smoking didn’t work and trying to save money isn’t happening. So, instead of making a resolution that you know you may not keep, why not “give” yourself something instead. Give yourself the gift of knowledge for the new year. Learn something new everyday (on purpose!). Teach your children something new everyday – even if you have to look it up on the internet!

Take time for yourself and for your family. Your children need your undivided attention each night. Talk about your day and their day as well. Share your culture and past experiences with them. Love them and by all means teach them how to live on their own.

Here’s to  hoping that you have a wonderful 2012!

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