The 4-1-1 on Life Skills Book CoverMichele Sfakianos, RN, BSN


This is a book about the basic life skills that are not always taught in school or at home. Those basic life skill needed by adults of all ages for everyday living. Did you ever wonder when you were getting ready to leave home for the first time, if your parents had taught you everything you needed to know to survive on your own? Or, were you in a long term relationship and now find yourself single and don’t know where to start? Do you know how to do laundry; clean a home; balance a checkbook or cook a meal? Are you aware of the different types of deposits required to either rent or buy a home? If the answers were “yes” — good for the role models that you had! Thank them every chance you get! If the answers were “no” to most of these questions — don’t be discouraged — there is help on the way! It is my hope that this book will help those who need it and will be shared with others who can benefit from it. This is not a “be all, end all” book and it is not intended to replace knowledge received from professionals trained in certain areas. As a Registered Nurse, Life Skills Expert and a mother, I want to be able to help the adults of today and the next generation to come.

Below if a preview of the table of contents and the first chapter.

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