Dealing with Family During the Holidays

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For many of us, spending the holidays with family brings us comfort and joy. For others, holiday family time is anything but but a fun time. From the stress of travel to the pressures of gift-giving, the holidays can trigger a flurry of bad habits and feelings that cause serious conflict. But family drama doesn’t have to ruin your season … Read More

Traveling this Holiday Season

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Tips for a Safe and Happy Holiday Season Many of us will be using different modes of transportation to get home to our loved ones this Christmas. But regardless of what method of transport you choose, there is always the risk of returning home with some type of illness due to travel fatigue. Ensure your holiday travels are healthy and … Read More

Ace Your Life

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Life Management Skills Made Easy Moving out on your own? This book is for you. Until you are confronted with taking care of yourself and a home, many people do not realize what is involved. It can be overwhelming to some and totally frustrating to others. Life is meant to be enjoyed. If you equip yourself with the knowledge to … Read More

Be a Quality (Divorced) Parent – Living Apart From Your Children

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Be a Quality (Divorced) Parent Especially when you live far away from your Children After a divorce, one of the parents may find it is necessary to relocate due to getting away from old memories or a change in job status. It is still possible to be a quality parent when you live far away from your children. Make sure … Read More

Summer Vacation Time is Here!

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Family Vacations after Divorce The New Family Vacation I remember our family vacations together when I was a child. Every summer my parents would take us to the mountains or the beach. Although the car rides were long and we always got in trouble for asking “are we there yet?” – our family getaways were the best memories of our … Read More

Vacation Time! 5 Tips for Vacation Travel

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Ah summer time! I love the summer and summer vacations. I have such fond memories of  beach vacations with my family when I was a child. Do you vacation with your family? Summer or winter?  I never knew how much my parents went through to plan a vacation until I had my own family. Here are some tips to help … Read More