Be a Quality (Divorced) Parent – Living Apart From Your Children

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Be a Quality (Divorced) Parent Especially when you live far away from your Children After a divorce, one of the parents may find it is necessary to relocate due to getting away from old memories or a change in job status. It is still possible to be a quality parent when you live far away from your children. Make sure … Read More

If You Don’t Take Care of Yourself – Who Will?

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Most of my life has been spent trying to please and take care of others. I never realized that if I did not take good care of myself, I would not be able to take care of my family. Taking time out to do something for yourself does not make you a selfish person, regardless of what others say. You … Read More

Time Savers

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While reading The Oprah Magazine I ran across a page that had a few time savers that I think could help all of us put some time back in our day. Julie Morgenstern, organizing and productivity expert and author of Time Management from the Inside Out, shares four ways to squeeze an extra hour (or more!) into your weekday. Instead … Read More