A Year Later

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Can we heal together? Last year at this time the world shut down. Many lost their jobs, while others went to work every day wearing masks, shields, gloves and whatever else they could find to protect themselves. The fatalities were only beginning. No one really knew what was going on or how bad it was going to get. We stopped … Read More

The Aftermath

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What happens after the COVID-19 virus? (The views expressed here are solely from the Owner) When the COVID-19 virus is over, what activities will we return to? When the COVID-19 virus is over, what will we have learned? We are all learning to do things in a different way. Keeping in contact with friends and family through social media, cell … Read More

Keeping the Kids Well

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School is back in session and the fall/winter weather is on it’s way. We need to pay special attention to the children to make sure that they are protected. Wellness: · Checkups as deemed by Pediatrician. · Dentist: every six months for cleaning (or at least once a year). · Eye exam: as directed by Pediatrician. · Listen to your … Read More