Returning to School Issues

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Self-Abuse, Eating Disorders, and Addiction   Watch out for signs of serious trouble, depression, or self-abusive behavior, especially in the teen years. Keep paying attention to what is going on, even if the child initially ignores you. The more trouble she is in, the more she will ignore you. Part of step parenting (all parenting) means persistently showing you care, … Read More

Homeschooling Amidst COVID-19

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Are you homeschooling your children? Why or why not?

Back to School after 40

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Back to School after 40 This decision can be overwhelming…but it doesn’t have to be Going back to college at 40+ years can feel intimidating for a lot of reasons. When you have other financial responsibilities, like a mortgage and family expenses, finding thousands of dollars for tuition can be challenging. Then of course there’s the aspect of readjusting to … Read More

Bullying Has to STOP

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I found this excellent article that I wanted to share. The original article can be found here. Unfortunately, teasing is often part of growing up — almost every child experiences it. But it isn’t always as innocuous as it seems. Words can cause pain. Teasing becomes bullying when it is repetitive or when there is a conscious intent to hurt another child. … Read More

Help Change the World – Part 1 of 3

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In looking back on 2012, there have been many tragedies. No matter which one we talk about – they were all senseless killings. It is time to take back what we value most – family and security. I will be posting this blog message in three postings. You may or may not agree with what I say, and that’s okay. … Read More

Are They Ready to Leave for College?

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It’s that time of year again when parents are getting their young adults ready to go to college. Whether they are going to another town, state or country, here are five important questions to ask: Do they know the difference between organizing, cleaning and disinfecting? Organizing is finding a place for everything; cleaning is removing the dirt, dust and grime; … Read More