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I’ve added a new category to my blog where readers can ask the author questions on Life Skills; Step parenting, or Surviving Teenagers. You can post questions here or email them to and they will be answered here for all to see. So, how can I help you today?

What is “Universal” to You?

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This week while on an interview with, which is an International Radio, I realized during the breaks that the music, no matter in what language, can be universal. They say love is universal. Which now has me wondering – what else is “universal” that we all can understand – no matter what language?   I believe Art, in many different … Read More

What to do after Hurricane Sandy

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There are many things to do after a Hurricane. Here are some tips to help you stay safe: When you go inside your home, there are certain things you should and should not do. Enter the home carefully and check for damage. Be aware of loose boards and slippery floors. The following items are other things to check inside your … Read More

Keeping the Kids Well

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School is back in session and the fall/winter weather is on it’s way. We need to pay special attention to the children to make sure that they are protected. Wellness: · Checkups as deemed by Pediatrician. · Dentist: every six months for cleaning (or at least once a year). · Eye exam: as directed by Pediatrician. · Listen to your … Read More

Changing Seasons–Work to be Done!

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As we move into fall and winter, there are some things that may need to be done around the home to keep you safe. Depending on what part of the country you live in, these items may be more important to you and less to others. 1. Keep gutters free of leaves and other debris. If gutters are blocked, excessive … Read More

Avoiding Conflict

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We all have at least one difficult person in our lives at one time or another. Did you know that dealing with difficult people can be detrimental to your health? Whether it is a friend, family member, or co-worker, we all need to learn to deal with that difficult person to save ourselves. The following are ways of dealing with … Read More

Cell Phone Etiquette

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We all know shouting into a cell phone in a restaurant or other busy venue can draw as many stares as running through the restaurant naked, but what about the behaviors we may be unaware of? Here are five tips for quieting the age of constant connectivity: 1. When you are with someone and engaging in conversation, don’t answer a … Read More

The power of learning

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I hope you are taking advantage of the book giveaways on the prior posts. I have been busy learning new things in the publishing arena and just wonder how much the brain can absorb. Do we lose some storage as we put new information in? Is that why as we get older that we tend to forget things? I certainly … Read More

From Author to Publisher!

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My printed book is now available for purchase on Amazon (ebook coming soon) and soon to be on Barnes and Noble. The last few days have been crazy. Who would have ever thought (not me) that I could be not only an Author, but now a Publisher! It has been such an exciting time and yet totally exhausting. I was … Read More