You Are Who You Associate With

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There is an old saying “you are who you hang with.” If you hang out with positive-minded people, you are positive about your situations and can grow in a positive direction. If you hang out with negative people, you will generate negative outcomes. Your friends can be the most powerful influence on your attitude, opinions, and how you handle different … Read More

Children with Dyslexia

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Challenges for Moms Challenges Most moms are working mothers who work long and exhausting hours, both at home and/or outside the home. There is little time for friendships to be made or kept up, and even maintaining a friendly acquaintance can be a struggle. Children with dyslexia require a lot of extra time because they need help with the many … Read More

Bullying Has to STOP

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I found this excellent article that I wanted to share. The original article can be found here. Unfortunately, teasing is often part of growing up — almost every child experiences it. But it isn’t always as innocuous as it seems. Words can cause pain. Teasing becomes bullying when it is repetitive or when there is a conscious intent to hurt another child. … Read More

Avoiding Conflict

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We all have at least one difficult person in our lives at one time or another. Did you know that dealing with difficult people can be detrimental to your health? Whether it is a friend, family member, or co-worker, we all need to learn to deal with that difficult person to save ourselves. The following are ways of dealing with … Read More