Summer Bugs

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We are full into summer and the bugs are bigger than ever! No one wants to see unwanted pests in the home. This includes roaches, spiders, ants, flees, and mice. If you have pets in the home, be careful what you leave on the floor. Do not leave poisons where your pet could get into them. Make sure to limit … Read More

Are They Ready to Leave for College?

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It’s that time of year again when parents are getting their young adults ready to go to college. Whether they are going to another town, state or country, here are five important questions to ask: Do they know the difference between organizing, cleaning and disinfecting? Organizing is finding a place for everything; cleaning is removing the dirt, dust and grime; … Read More

The power of learning

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I hope you are taking advantage of the book giveaways on the prior posts. I have been busy learning new things in the publishing arena and just wonder how much the brain can absorb. Do we lose some storage as we put new information in? Is that why as we get older that we tend to forget things? I certainly … Read More