“You’re Not My Parent!”

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Essential Tips on Surviving Step-Parenting and Blended Families Nothing cuts to the core of a step-parent’s heart than hearing “you’re not my parent!” Parenting is hard, but when you become a step-parent it’s a whole new level of parenting. You may agree to help raise someone else’s child, or your new spouse may agree to raise your child, but in … Read More

Returning to School Issues

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Self-Abuse, Eating Disorders, and Addiction   Watch out for signs of serious trouble, depression, or self-abusive behavior, especially in the teen years. Keep paying attention to what is going on, even if the child initially ignores you. The more trouble she is in, the more she will ignore you. Part of step parenting (all parenting) means persistently showing you care, … Read More

How to Help Your Children Create Strong Sibling Bonds

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Tips for an Established Family or Step Family Siblings are one of the greatest gifts that life can bring our children. The relationship between siblings is one of the deepest relationships they will ever experience. Through fighting and teamwork, they will build a complex and amazing bond that lasts longer than most other relationships throughout their life. What can you … Read More

Proud Parents

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In watching the Olympics on TV, I find it so heartwarming to watch the parents of the athletes when they’re performing. You can tell that they have so much invested in their young adult and are so proud of their accomplishments. It is difficult sometimes as parents to give up our free time so that our children can do the … Read More