Summer Time and Big Bugs!

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We are full into summer and the bugs are bigger than ever! No one wants to see unwanted pests in the home. This includes roaches, spiders, ants, flees, and mice. If you have pets in the home, be careful what you leave on the floor. Do not leave poisons where your pet could get into them. Make sure to limit where your pets eat and drink and make sure to pick up bones and chewy toys when not in use. Do not let your pet hide dog biscuits and bones in the couch, chair, blankets, or bed, as this could attract unwanted pests. Make sure to wash pet items often. Other things you can do to prevent those unwanted pests:

Limit where you eat – Eat only in the kitchen or dining room areas.

Clean the floor daily – Pick up what you spill and wipe the area clean with a damp cloth.

Wash dishes – Do not let dirty dishes stay in the sink for a long period of time. Rinse dishes before stacking in the sink. Clear the drain after rinsing dishes.

In the pantry – Wipe down bottles and jars after use. Store foods properly – it is best to keep sugar and flour in the refrigerator. Keep rice, pasta, and cereals in plastic containers that seal tightly.

Throw out old foods and vegetables – Throw out old foods and vegetables when they are past their prime, especially bananas and tomatoes.

For more information on how to prevent pests and bugs, purchase your copy of The 4-1-1 on Life Skills.

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