Step Families with Teenagers

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Teenagers are beautiful, angry, sexual, sassy, messy, moody, and often lethargic! Hormonal changes (moodiness, lethargy and so on) begin about two years before the outward physical changes can be seen. You can make life around your household easier if you try the following:

1) Do not take anything personal – think of your step-teen as hormonally impaired. Try to be tolerant and give it time.

2) Do not try to compare or compete with the other biological parent. Be yourself.

3) Spend time alone with your step-teen doing activities which interest you both.

4) Be neutral about your partner’s ex-spouse. If provoked by the step-teen about him/her, take five deep breaths and take the high road.

5) Do not push for affection, attention or a response.

Adolescents thrive on the balance of caring and positive discipline, but things are complicated by this step business. It takes a long time for a teenager to respect a step parents authority. Take things slow. Remember what it was like to be a teenager?

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