Stand Tall in Your Vision and Purpose

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Be Like a Tree!

Have you ever considered how much we have in common with trees? They have a trunk, we have a trunk. Their trunk is solid and keeps them standing. Same with us. If we keep our trunk healthy, it allows us to stand and support us. Trees have branches and leaves and, in essence, we do too. Trees go through the torments of hot weather, cold weather, rain, wind and major storms, and most are still standing. The same with us. We have trials and tribulations such as: love, heartache, divorce, marriage, joy, and sorrow and, all in all, we are still standing.

Trees need wind to blow against them to strength their root system and allow the roots to grow deeper, which supports the tree as it grows taller. The more we go through, the stronger our roots become. The lessons that we learn propel us forward to make better decisions and better choices. Going through something, whether good or bad, can give us a fresh perspective (once the dust settles!). It allows our root system to become stronger so we can stand taller.

Trees can shed their leaves at certain times of the year in order to grow new ones later in the season. We need to shed the old and welcome the new. Not everyone is in our life forever. Many people are only in our life for a season and it’s ok. God wants us to have fellowship with others. He doesn’t intend for us to keep those in our life that constantly hurt or degrade us. God wants us to “shed” ourselves of that pain. He wants us to love Him, love others, and love ourselves. Stop trying to hold on to “leaves and branches” that no longer serve a purpose. Let them go. Allow these experiences to develop your character and deepen your spiritual roots.

The next time a storm is in your area, watch how a tree bends and dances when the wind blows against it. Notice that it doesn’t stand rigid, resisting the flow of energy. It doesn’t push back. The tree accepts the strong wind as a blessing that will help it grow.

It’s time to grow forward in your life purpose. Be like the tree and learn to dance with the winds coming at you. Stand tall and allow the experiences to deepen your spiritual roots.

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