Slow down!

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My daughter and grandson were in a “fender-bender” this afternoon while on their way home. Seems that the person behind her was in a hurry and hit her from behind – while the cars were still moving! Guess she just couldn’t get out of his way fast enough. Fortunately, everyone was okay. When I arrived on the scene (for moral support and to make sure they were okay) the man kept apologizing to me. I told him that accidents happen but that possibly it was a sign that he needed to slow down in life before something really bad happened.

We all get in a hurry sometimes (or most times). Everyone is so busy on the phone while driving (talking and texting) and not paying attention. Did you know that research has shown that texting while driving takes approximately 7-10 seconds off of your reaction time? That just amazes me. Crazy, I know.

We all have our reasons for rushing through life but is it really worth it? Is it worth hurting ourselves or others to make sure that we get there on time? Wouldn’t it be easier to apologize for being late somewhere than not arrive at all? I would like for you to think about it. Next time you are late somewhere, ask yourself it will really matter. If so, leave earlier than you had anticipated.

I also ask you to put the phone down and just concentrate on driving. I know it is not easy. If you must talk on the phone, pull over. Or better yet, call them back after you arrive at your destination. As we say in Florida “Arrive Alive”!

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