Short on Money? Need a Gift Idea?

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Gifts, or presents, are something everyone likes to receive. I believe the thought behind the gift is the most important part. A gift does not have to be expensive to be a great gift. If you cannot afford to give a gift, at least give a card. A card denotes that you cared enough to acknowledge the occasion and took the time to go to the store to shop for it. Depending on the occasion, a phone call would be a nice gift. Just take time out of your busy day to acknowledge others. It will brighten the day of everyone involved. Keep the dates of these special occasions in a place that will remind you ahead of time (phone calendar, desk calendar, computerized calendar, wall calendar). Make sure to get the gifts and/or cards in the mail at least five to seven days ahead of the occasion.


Regifting or Regiving

This is where you give a gift that you have received to another person. Regifting has become popular with white elephant gift exchanges (a popular holiday party game). There are just a couple of important things to remember:

·         Rewrap the gift.

·         Do not use it before regifting it.

·         Do not give it back to the original gift-giver.


Gift Ideas (with low cost in mind)

·         A photo in a nice frame

·         A donation to a charity in the name of the person receiving the gift

·         A gift card to a favorite place (restaurant, bookstore, hardware store)

·         Homemade coupons (make these with your computer) good for babysitting, massages, house cleaning, car washing, etc.

·         A personalized photo book (there are several online sites to make these, or you can order them in the photo department of your local drugstore or department store)

·         Something from your local craft store—lots of ideas in there (wreaths, jewelry, shirt decorations; handmade items are greatly appreciated).

·         A scrapbook (you can begin the scrapbook before giving it)

·         Music CD or Movie DVD.

·         Ornaments (Christmas or other hanging-type ornaments)

·         A chocolate or candy basket.

·         Fresh-cut flowers from the market.

·         A bottle of wine.

·         Chip in with other family members or friends to buy a gift.

·         A nice meal (breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner)

·         A nice dessert (cake, brownies, or cookies placed in a nice tin that you can  purchase from your local discount store)

·         A card and call on the day of the occasion (a good idea if you live far away from the gift recipient)

If you are still unsure, ask them what they need or want; keep the guesswork out of it. Don’t stress yourself out over the perfect gift. Give what you can afford and enjoy the holidays!

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