Proud Parents

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In watching the Olympics on TV, I find it so heartwarming to watch the parents of the athletes when they’re performing. You can tell that they have so much invested in their young adult and are so proud of their accomplishments.

It is difficult sometimes as parents to give up our free time so that our children can do the things that they love. You have those parents that truly want their children to succeed and be good at something, and then you have other parents that live through their children because they weren’t given the opportunity to do something great.

I believe we need to allow our children to decide what is best for their future when it comes to athletics, beauty pageants, or any other type of competition.

In a supportive environment, children will thrive. In a forced environment, children may later withdraw, act out, or not have the self confidence needed to succeed.

We all want our children and step children to succeed. We just need to make sure they’re doing the right things and making the right choices to do just this.

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