Online Dating Etiquette

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Thinking about using online dating to meet that “special someone?” Here are some general guidelines to refer to in your online communications.

• Use respectful tones and wording. Swear words and hurtful remarks are not good for anyone. If someone presses you, for example, to share confidential information that you shouldn’t, just say, “No” and tell the site monitors or webmaster of the forum, chat room or online dating site, if necessary.
• Look for dating and other resource websites that list street addresses instead of post office boxes or nothing at all. Ask friends for referrals.
• Try to avoid stretching the truth about your accomplishments, job title, etc. Then if a relationship develops, things will run much smoother.
• Try to avoid many 1-word replies and 1-sentence communications. Take some time to develop your thoughts and share in your paragraphs. In short, be a friend.
• All capital letters mean “shouting” and is difficult to read at any length.

Take care and have fun with your cyber-dating!

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