New Year – New You?

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Happy New Year! May you be blessed beyond your expectations this year!

With a New Year, comes new resolutions. Do you make resolutions? I used to, but no longer do. Instead, I now make plans and commitments. Over the past six months, I have lost 54 pounds. At the start of 2012, I made a resolution to lose weight, but didn’t start out very good. It wasn’t until I made a commitment to myself in June, to start losing weight and get healthy. I once heard that resolutions are made “to be broken.” If that’s true, why make them? Why not make a plan, stick to it, modify it, and even toss it out and start over if it doesn’t work out the way you intended? Wouldn’t you do that with your business or a project that you are working on for school/work?

We all make travel plans, business plans, and weekend plans, so why not make life plans? Plans to get healthy, by way of diet and exercise, to make ourselves feel better and live longer. Have you ever considered how important you are to other people in your life? I did. I realized I want to be around a long time to enjoy all of my family, especially my children and grandchildren.

Losing the weight was the hardest thing I have ever done. Sticking to that commitment was tough. Anything we do in life, that is worth doing, is hard. Losing weight, marketing, loving someone, etc., all take hard work and commitment.

Are you in it for the long haul? Are you ready to “plan” your life? Make a commitment to yourself. Have fun along the way. Modify your plan where needed. Just make the commitment ~ make the plan.

Good luck in all that you do. I would love to hear what your plan is for the year!


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