Mealtime and the New Year

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Mealtime can be so frustrating. I remember when I was a newlywed and wanted to make a nice dinner for my new husband. I was only nineteen years old at the time and didn’t have a lot of experience with cooking. I tried a chicken recipe that I found in my new recipe book that was given to us as a wedding gift. Needless to say it was the worst meal I had ever had! From then on, I stuck to what I was familiar with cooking and very seldom ventured to try new things.

I think this is the way many of us get through each new year. Instead of trying new things, we tend to stick with what we know – what has worked best in the past. Isn’t it time to try something new? Get out of those “day old” practices and create some new challenges! Whether it’s trying a new recipe, a new workout, a new route to work or just rolling out of the bed on a different side – try it. (at least once!)

Keeping yourself challenged will not only keep you sharp mentally but will also help you in finding new ways to do things that were once “ho-hum” boring.

Just so you know, I have developed a love for cooking and make the most spectacular dishes for my family! So – go ahead – start today and try something new!

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