Let Go of Perfection!

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Perfect is always better than good, right? Some of us have a little voice inside that likes to keep telling us so. And it isn’t always right.

So the next time that stickler in your head starts nagging needlessly, stop — and remind it that letting go of perfection just might help you:

1. Learn and grow
Even world-class musicians likely weren’t note-perfect the first time they picked up a violin or sat down at a piano. Allowing ourselves to make mistakes — and keep trying — is a key to gaining new skills. And sometimes things just don’t go as we like — from taking a wrong turn off the freeway to disappointing someone we love. But each misstep — and how we respond — adds to our experience and wisdom.

2. Enjoy the journey
There’s nothing wrong with having high standards. It means we value quality and want to do our best. But it can also cause us to fret about failure and the future. When we let go of the need to be perfect, it can help us stay in the moment — and feel less stressed and more creative.

3. Connect and respect
We all make mistakes. And remembering that can help us be kinder to ourselves — and others too.

Instead of wishing people would change, try to celebrate what’s unique about each other. After all, there’s nothing like knowing you’re appreciated for you — successes, slip-ups and all.

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