It’s Not Just The VMA’s – It’s Our Entire World

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The internet was a buzz this week from the recent VMA’s. Some performances were great to see, some not so great, and some just raunchy. We definitely live in a free world by what’s on TV, in movies, and on the internet. I’m no prude. I love to dance like everyone else. I love to watch other people dance. I was asked just last week if I knew what “twerking” was. I didn’t so I (just like everyone else) turned to YouTube. There were many videos available to watch, many by very young girls that should not be moving that way at that age. It disgusted me. So, just days later, to my surprise (and everyone else’s) there she was – Miley Cyrus – on TV twerking. Do you think celebrities like Miley stop for just a minute to think about the young children watching or even the message they send to our impressionable teens? I’m not just referring to the female performers, but the male performers too. In my books, this is what I call a “teachable moment.” Every parent could have used many of the performances that night to discuss what their kids know and feel about what happened. Every parent should have expressed their concerns on that type of behavior.
Why is it that more and more is acceptable in our society? Years ago women were not allowed to show cleavage on TV much less prance around in bra and panties doing love scenes in the middle of the day. I like watching daytime TV just like everyone else, but when you have a young child in the home, do you watch these types of shows? They may not say anything but they have those visions now in their head and think they are okay to see because mommy or daddy watch them.
As parents, do we set the parental controls on the TV, Computer, and your kids cell phone? Or, are we too lazy or think that our children would never look at such things. When did we stop parenting? Are we trying to live a second life through our children? I’ve seen many mothers encourage their daughters to dance in a provocative way thinking it’s “cute.” It’s not cute, it’s disturbing.
It’s not just what’s on TV and in the movies either. Have you listened to some of the song lyrics? (If you can interpret what is said.) Why do we accept people singing about private body parts, “getting some”, and killing people? You have to wonder if kids even know what they are saying, yet they sing along loud and proud.
As parents we should provide family values and be our children’s moral compass. We should teach them to reject the negative behaviors that form their future. I’m not saying we should all be helicopter parents and hover over our children 24/7. I’m saying that we should take the time to be parents and not accept everything that is currently “acceptable” in our society. Teach our children to be leaders – not followers. Teach our young girls to love themselves and respect their bodies. Teach our young men to respect women. We need to teach our children how to be good parents.
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