Home Safety

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Home Safety

Keeping Your Home Safe in the Summer

Welcome to the warm summer months! Although it is Hurricane season, summer is the beginning of fun and activities. Make this summer a safe one by looking around your home.funimage

Each day in America 55 people die and another 58,000 are injured in accidents that occur in the home. They CAN be prevented through these tips:

Prevent Falls:

  • Install grab bars in the bathtubs and showers.
  • Use non slip rugs around the house.
  • Make sure hallways and stairs are well-lighted and have adequate handrails.

Prevent Fires:

  • Check the batteries in your smoke alarms monthly. If your alarms are more than ten years old, replace them.
  • Make sure to dust your smoke alarm regularly to ensure it works properly.
  • Be careful when using candles. When you go out of the room, extinguish it.

Prevent Choking:

  • Things that can fit through a toilet paper roll can cause small children to choke. Keep small items out of children’s reach.
  • Check toys with small parts and make sure they are age appropriate.
  • Tie up all loose cords on window curtains and blinds to prevent children from getting tangled in them.

Prevent Drowning:

  • If you have a pool, install a gate and keep it locked at all times.
  • Never leave a child alone around water. This includes pools, bathtubs and even buckets with water.
  • Empty large buckets and wading pools after use.

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