Help Change the World – Part 2 of 3

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Video Games, Movies, and Television

Yesterday I spoke about what change would be required (or considered) in order to help our country. I included my thoughts (and questions) on firearms and also spoke about putting God back into our school system. Today I would like to address our children’s exposure to video games, movies and certain television programs.

Have you stopped in the video isle in a store lately to see the titles and ratings of videos? Why does it seem like they have evolved into “the more violent, the better”? Or better yet, do you pay attention to the ratings before buying for your children? Is it okay to allow our children to “kill” other people just because it is a video game? Have you ever watched or played along to actually see what they are exposed to? I have spoken to some parents that allow their children to play games all afternoon (and evening) and not even know what is in the game. Their children asked for the games based on what their friends on playing. When there are older siblings in the home and they are playing video games, do you allow the younger siblings to watch or participate? Have we allowed these video games to replace our family time? Become a “babysitter?”

In regards to movies, do you pay attention to the rating system of a movie? I went to Magic Mike, which was for adults and saw a mother with her child, (looked to be 8 or 9 years old.) There was nudity, language, drugs, and sexual content in this movie and I was so upset seeing this child exposed to this that I really wanted to notify the management, but then realized parents can take their children to just about any movie they want. What a shame. What has happened to our morals and family values that one would expose their child to this type of content at such an early age?

And then there is Television. At any time of day you can always find movies on the TV and many contain adult humor and bad language. It amazes me how many young children already know how to work a remote to change the channels. Many TV’s have a place where you can block any type of program with adult content. Have you ever used these controls? Would you consider using them if you knew it might prevent from molding your child with violent behavior? Do you use these same controls with computers? Or, are you allowing your children to “surf the net” and find whatever they are interested in?

We cannot turn our back and think that violent games, movies, computer usage, and TV doesn’t have an affect on our youth. It does. It is time that parents, ALL OF US, take a stand and monitor what our children (and grandchildren) are exposed to. Our culture is moving in the wrong direction and we need to get off of this expressway and make a better road for our children and their future.

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