Graduation Time!

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Is your teen “life ready”?

We have all attended a graduation at some time or another. There is always an excellent speaker who talks about their future and what should or shouldn’t be included. Most times we won’t hear anything about if they were truly prepared for life. Other than their normal classes, were they taught anything about cleaning, cooking safety, laundry, how to rent an apartment, balance a checkbook or anything else along these “life” subjects?

I know that many high schools have had to cut their budgets and unfortunately the first things to go are the classes that offer the most information. Most parents are unaware that home economics or life skills courses are no longer taught. We are all busy with our individual lives that we sometimes forget the little things that aren’t so little. Have you taught your young adult how to change an air-conditioner filter? Change a vacuum filter? Have you shown them the different types of “use-by” or “expired by” dates on products?

Don’t be confused by the fact that these kids today are brilliant. They may be able to figure out all of the technical gadgets and study things that we never thought about, but when it comes to taking care of themselves or their home, they may be totally lost.

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