Feeling Stuck or Uncertain?

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With the state of the economy, the world, and life in general, it’s a wonder everyone doesn’t feel stuck or uncertain about their future. The feelings of being overwhelmed or out of control seem to be the “norm.”
Did you know in order to make consistent progress you need to allow yourself to feel fear and uncertainty? Although that feeling of uncertainty can get in the way of taking that first step toward our goals, we must take action anyway. Great leaders know how to bring certainty into any situation. They exude a sense of certainty in everything they do.
One of the most powerful ways to create a strong sense of certainty is to create habits of certainty to change your mindset and get yourself to a place of action. You can create a vision board with sayings of inspiration. Repeat the sayings every day. “When you repeat a phrase with enough emotional intensity often enough, you start to believe it.” (Tony Robbins)
Regardless of your background or experience, you can change your mindset (and life) and get to a place of certainty simply by changing your thought process. If you decide to have a good day, by telling yourself the day will be good, then your day will be good. Start your day off by repeating out loud the things you want to happen. Such as:
·         This day will be great.
·         I have everything I need to make this day great.
·         I will live everyday with happiness and gratitude.
·         I have a lot to contribute to those around me and I can’t wait to start helping them.
Don’t just dream about the life you want to live. Start living that life by telling yourself everyday what you want and how you will achieve it. Get out of the uncertainty of life. Create the life you want today.

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