Everybody’s Different and it’s OK!

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In today’s society we still put a strong emphasis on looking thin, being smart, and having more. By going along with these thoughts what are we teaching our kids? We need to be teaching our children that is is OK to be different. We want them to be healthy, not too thin not too chunky – but healthy. We need to teach them about proper nutrition and exercise. How do we teach them? We teach them by being a good example. We need to eat healthy and exercise (preferably with them) every day. Don’t just send your kids out to play, go outside and play with them.

We all want our children to excel in life. Are we encouraging them to get good grades? Do we scold them for one bad grade and forget to praise for the other 4-5 good grades? If you are unable to help them with their homework, do you reach out to others to get them help? Ask friends or neighbors for assistance. We all have different abilities that we are blessed with. Use those abilities to help others in need. Your friend may be great in Math and can help your child. Never be afraid (or embarrassed) to ask.

Teach your children that life is all about choices by being the best example you can. How we act and react to situations is all by choice. They are watching your every move and want to model after you. Be the best you can be, given any situation, and give praise where praise is due. Focus on the positive, instead of the negative, in every situation.

Again, we are all blessed with different talents and abilities. Let your children know that although they may not be the best athlete, best swimmer, or best baseball player, everyone is different and it’s OK!


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