Dyslexia – Like an Iceberg?

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Mom, is this forever?

Dyslexia can resemble a “stew or bolognese sauce or a
smorgasbord,” metaphorically speaking. And you are in charge
of the “kitchen.”

One of the best representations of dyslexia is an iceberg.
The majority lies beneath the surface. In dyslexia, the reading
difficulty aspect is just the tip of the iceberg.

There frequently may be many other serious issues just
below the surface – ADD, social anxiety, depression, OCD and
sensory disorders to name a few, which can be dealt with if
only when they are properly recognized.

Every child with dyslexia is unique and does not resemble
any other child with dyslexia, but there can be some overlay.
Some of their brain connections may be different, not abnormal
connections, which require a “different learning style.”

Dyslexia is and always will be a part of who your child is. If
he or she can appreciate what the causation is, their ability to
succeed is improved.

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