Dyslexia and Anxiety

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Do you have a child with dyslexia? Do they suffer from anxiety? Here are some tips from “Dyslexics are Orchids, Mothers are Gardeners” by James O’Leary, MD and Cindy Jayne Brewer:

Tips for Anxiety:

Change the goal from trying to eliminate the worry to learning how to manage it. You can never eliminate uncertainty and discomfort. So, help your child adjust their goal to learning how to manage his feelings in the face of uncertainty and discomfort.

Keep the focus on managing and regulating the worry. Your child won’t focus during a meltdown; no one can. Your goal is to calm her down and get her brain back in control. Develop fun ways to discuss worry. Have matter- of-fact conversations about how to manage worry. Don’t ever allow the worry to remain untreated.

Listen to your child’s alerts with interest, not alarm. Be able to hear the despair and frustration without over focusing on the content. This is particularly challenging especially if he is expressing such things as, wanting to die. Such statements are important to take seriously, but curiosity without alarm allows for more accurate assessment. It will also allow children with dyslexia to experience their mother as more available and supportive.

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