Don’t wait until spring to clean!

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There is a difference between organizing, cleaning and disinfecting (sanitizing). Organizing is finding a place for everything, cleaning is removing the dirt, dust and grime and disinfecting is the process of removing the bacteria and germs (also known as “microbes”) to a safe level in your home.

Many of us wait until spring to do the heavy cleaning, however research has shown that there are things in your home (like your keyboard) that have more germs than a toilet. So, why wait to clean? You should be disinfecting your home at least once a week, especially since most people stay indoors more at this time of the year.

You can still wait until spring for those items that you need to “de-clutter” your home, but don’t wait any longer to do a good cleaning and disinfecting! Your health and the health of your children depend on it!

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