Don’t leave your kids out in the cold!

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Have you taught your “soon to be outta here” young adult everything you think they need to survive in this cold, hard world? I know I didn’t, so I wrote a book! My book “Useful Information for Everyday Living” is not the “be-all or end-all” of everything they need to know, but it is definately a great start. It is about the things in life that we learned the hard way and some still haven’t learned! I wanted my kids to know that they have things to clean, filters to change, easy ways to give gifts, manners to use and much, much more. A lot of this may already be in the back of their mind, but the book is a reminder or refresher of what needs to be done. I had to fix a lot of things that I may not have had to if I had known what it required to take care of them. I also wanted them to know that they have to take care of themselves and then worry about caring for others. YOU have to come first – everything else will fall into place. I hope you will share this knowledge with your young adult.

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