Do You Know About Molly?

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Attention Parents:

Kids of all ages are experimenting with Molly. Do you know about Molly?

In the last week, three young adults have died after taking apparent overdoses of a drug known on the street as “molly”— two of them over the Labor Day weekend at a New York electronic music festival.

Officials canceled the last day of the event after the deaths and reports that four other attendees were in critical condition after taking the drug. While molly has been around for decades under another name — it was popular among clubbers and psychedelic fans in the 1980s— it’s back again, enjoying a resurgence for its ability to boost feelings of warmth and intimacy.

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Please talk to your children. Find out what they know. Make sure they are well informed of the dangers of Molly. Make sure their friends know the dangers of Molly. Molly has to be stopped.

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