Could you do a 30 day detox?

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Starting today, August 1, 2014, the Today Show is challenging viewers to give up something that they are addicted to for 30 days. Many people are giving up sweets, some shopping, and others electronics. Is there anything in your life that takes over on a daily basis? Do you think you could do without that for 30 days?

I’ve decided to take on this challenge, and as hard as it may be, I’ve decided to give up self-doubt. I work hard on social media promoting my books and brand, however there is always that little voice inside my head that says “no one is paying attention.” I often sit here at my computer wondering if anyone sees my tweets, my facebook posts, or my blog posts. Do you wonder the same? Well, regardless of whether “anyone” is watching, I’m taking on the attitude of “everyone” is watching and I’m going to put out the best content I can.

So, I’m challenging you to take on this 30 day detox challenge. Leave a comment of what you are going to give up for 30 days. Check in often so we can both keep each other on track. If you work with someone you are more apt to continue in the journey, than if you are left alone by yourself. Whatever you choose, it is individual to you. Don’t let others influence you. Be strong and stay on course. I’m here for you!

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