Be Clear with Your Intent

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Are we clear with our intentions? Our decisions? Our commitments?

“Intent – purpose, objective, goal – an aim or plan”

When we set our intentions we should be following this:

I will

I won’t

Not – I’ll try (“Try – make an attempt or effort to do something”)

I hear people say all of the time “I’ll try and make it to your meeting.” If you really wanted to attend, you would make time in your schedule and attend.  The same goes for New Year’s resolutions. The “I’m going to “TRY” and lose weight this year.” You must be clear in what you “intend” to do. You either will lose weight and do everything you can to accomplish the goal or you won’t lose weight and stay on the same course you’ve been on for years.

Are we afraid to be clear in our mind thinking we will fail? The power of the universe says not. The power of the universe says if you throw it out there, it will happen. What you speak out loud becomes true because your mind believes it to be so. If you say, “I will lose weight,” you will.

You are meant to have everything you love and desire. Your work is meant to be exciting, and you are meant to accomplish all the things you would love to accomplish. Your relationships with your family and friends are meant to be filled with happiness. Of course there will be challenges in your life, and you are meant to have them too, because they help you to grow, but you are meant to know how to overcome these.

Stop the negative “I’LL TRY” and start setting your intent with a clear head and a willing heart. From now on, you either “WILL” or “WILL NOT” do something. Be respectful of yourself and others time and don’t make promises you know you aren’t going to keep.

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