Children with Dyslexia

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Challenges for Moms


Most moms are working mothers who work long and exhausting hours, both at home and/or outside the home. There is little time for friendships to be made or kept up, and even maintaining a friendly acquaintance can be a struggle.

Children with dyslexia require a lot of extra time because they need help with the many learning challenges, intrinsic in their diagnosis – not just reading, writing and math, but the additional time required to first understand the homework themselves!

The extra care and attention necessary can unintentionally hurt relationships within the family.

This may result in marital discord and sibling rivalry. Even grandparents, who usually are the ones depended on to have patience with their grandchildren, can have a lack of understanding.

Generally, the responsibility to educate themselves about their child’s learning challenges falls to the mothers. So, if they find that there is just not enough time in the day to do this, or that they don’t seem to be having much success on their own, moms may have to find other solutions.

They may need to alter their daily schedule, ask a spouse to assist or even change careers. It’s a never-ending daily process.

Many things end up being excluded in order to survive.

Unfortunately, friends and friendships are often the first to disappear.

In spite of the urgency and willingness to assist their children, moms may have a lack of knowledge about dyslexia. Some mothers may have just become aware of their child’s diagnosis and have no experience from which to draw. However, all moms, no matter where they are in the journey, need extra help.

Excerpt from Dyslexics are Orchids, Mothers are Gardeners – Courtesy of James O’Leary, MD, Author

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