Cell Phone Etiquette

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We all know shouting into a cell phone in a restaurant or other busy venue can draw as many stares as running through the restaurant naked, but what about the behaviors we may be unaware of? Here are five tips for quieting the age of constant connectivity:

1. When you are with someone and engaging in conversation, don’t answer a call (unless it’s your babysitter!), or text with another friend. Leave your Facebook or other social media responses for another time.

2. Ask before posting pictures from a party, whether anyone minds if their picture is posted to a social media site. Don’t assume everyone is okay with having their picture, or their children’s picture, on the internet.

3. When you are in the movie theater, put your phone on vibrate and don’t text no matter how strong the urge to LOL. It is annoying to others to hear key strokes and see glowing phones while trying to enjoy a movie.

4. When you are in a physician office or another quiet setting, put your phone on vibrate or turn it off. Many physician offices request that you turn your cell phone off since there is medical equipment in the office that cell phones may interfere with. Please keep everyone safe by abiding by these requests.

5. Be courteous to those around you while on public transportation and in other public places. By telling a friend what you did last night, may end up in more places than you think. You never know who is listening.

We live in a constantly connected world. However, there is a time and place where cell phones need to be harnessed. Be respectful, courteous, and use common sense on when and where to use your phone.

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