Bucket Filler or Bucket Dipper?

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In a conversation with my 6 year old grandson, he told me that he learned about bullying in school. He said people are either bucket fillers or bucket dippers. A bucket filler is someone who helps you and is nice to you and a bucket dipper is someone who is mean and tries to take things away  from you.

I love this analogy and we should all take the time to determine just what we are. When someone is in need, do you stop and help them? When someone is treating another person badly, do you sit by and watch? Learning how to deal with different situations in life are all a part of growing up. The life skills that you acquire along the way will help to mold the person you become. The same goes for your children. Do you know how your children treat others? <are you sure?>

So, are you a bucket filler or a bucket dipper? I am a bucket filler! You?

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