Black Friday Tension

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I’ve been shopping on Black Friday for years. I’ve always enjoyed “people watching.” The one thing I don’t enjoy is the tension in the air. Let’s face it, everyone wants a great deal, but no one wants a long line. Everyone who shops on Black Friday knows that the lines can be very long and it is just something we should all learn to deal with. The store we were in had long lines, but they were moving along at a good pace. There was a family that decided to stand in two separate lines, side by side, so that when one of them reached the register, the rest would move over. When people do stuff like this, it is bound to create tension and most likely verbal altercations. Which it did….of course! Not by me, but others around me.

Over the past few days, we have watched the news reports of people being shot over a parking space; brawling in lines; and throwing things at each other. What ever happened to courtesy, politeness, and good will towards men?

I think we can all still enjoy shopping on Black Friday, but I would like for everyone to remember the reason for the season. The three wise men certainly didn’t fight each other to give gifts, so why should we? Here we were all rushing out to buy gifts, forgetting that there are others that can’t. There are those that are still devastated by Hurricane Sandy and those that are living on the street or in their cars.

So, next time your are in a long line, just be grateful to be there. The line will eventually move and you will be on your way. 


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