Being Still

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Why do we need to be still?

For the last five years, I thought my success was based on how stressed out, anxious or tired I was. I equated accomplishment with overworking, constantly producing and doing everything I could to get ahead. I finally hit an emotional, spiritual and physical bottom that made me slow down. It really didn’t matter how I got there. All that matters is that I was finally still. Through meditation, prayer and my commitment to creating an inner awareness, I was able to realize that my greatest accomplishments, my success, would come from stillness.

When we still our mind and body we can truly connect with our spirit. Then once we establish a spiritual connection, our job is to follow the guidance we receive. Slowing down and listening is the key to living a guided life. In stillness, we listen and when we hear God speak, it’s our job to take direction.

“I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

In order to obtain success, keep in mind that personal development is a lifetime commitment. Personal development is anything that helps you to function better in your day to day life – personally or professionally. The fact is personal development is necessary if you want to survive in this world.

I’m not saying that growth is always easy. It takes time, and it requires us to change. Change can be hard. But the rewards of growth far outweigh the sacrifices. When we commit to growing in Christ, we open the door to a meaningful life.

When I hunger for growth and think about where I should focus, I turn to God, the source of my answers. I explore my divine nature by deepening my awareness of God within through prayer and meditation. I am still.

Being still helps me understand who I am as a child of God. With each step I take, I discover more about myself. Every path I explore opens me to new ideas and further expansion of my mind and soul.

How do I become still? I begin by quieting my mind then trusting in divine wisdom to see me through any seeming obstacle. I rest in a comfortable position and close my eyes. I shut out the outside world. Like a fog lifting, my mind clears, and I tune in to God’s message for me. I remain open to divine direction.

With a willingness to listen, I now hear the still, small voice within. This divine whisper of encouragement guides me on my spiritual journey. I gain clarity to take inspired action. I am still.

Are you being still? What is stopping you?

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