Are You in Your Own Way?

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Are You in Your Own Way?

If so, it’s time to address this…

According to “Get Out of Your Way” by Tim Shurr, people have been unconsciously programmed to fail. We are self-sabotaging ourselves every step of the way. Did you know that by the time you are eighteen years old, you’ve heard approximately 180,000 negative remarks directed toward you, which translates into approximately 25,000 hours of negativity pumped into your brain during the most influential time of your development. Researchers suggest that 80 percent of this negative programming occurs by the time you are eight years old.

This is where Life Skills become important. If you had been taught what you needed to succeed in life, perhaps you wouldn’t belittle others because of your own insecurity? Maybe – Maybe not. However, research also shows that those who have the ability to take care of their homes and themselves tend to have more successes along the way. There is always time to make a change your thinking and your actions. You must first seek within yourself the “why” and/or “who” created those insecurities within you. When you tell yourself that you aren’t worthy – add at the end of that question – according to whom?

Secondly, take time to think about what you are teaching your children. Take time with them. Talk to them. Teach them the life skills they need to take care of themselves and their children. Love them. Listen to them. Most of all – take care of yourself first and the rest will work itself out.

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