Are You Fulfilling Your Purpose?

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Most of Us Aren’t

Most of us are scared of leaving our comfort zone to achieve something greater. We sometimes avoid visiting a place where we have never been but life takes us to that situation anyway. All of this is fear that we face and we think of the bad things that can happen, instead we should embrace these situations as a challenge to us and realize that this the way we are going to fulfill our purpose that our future holds for us.

What you learn with the experience is that the world is not a place to be afraid of instead it’s the most helping place for all of your actions and desires.

Yes, it’s true that a boat that never goes in the sea to sail is not going to get damaged but we all know that this is not going to let it fulfill its purpose either. There was a reason for which the boat was built and this is not achieving that right now.

The same thing can be said for us, we also need to do what we are supposed to be doing. We are made to grow on a personal level with the experience that we get from the world by meeting new people or by going to new places. A person who is not having a social life and doesn’t talk to anyone cannot get hurt but at the same time we cannot call that way of living an ideal life. Our consciousness sees through the pain and troubles that comes to us and gives us answers to what we want to know. All the suffering gives depth to our thoughts and allows us to open up for whatever the future is keeping in store for us.

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