Are you a “dummy” or a “complete idiot”?

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I don’t know about you, but I don’t prefer to be called a “dummy” or a “complete idiot” when it comes to learning something new. When I created my resource guide on life skills, I wanted it to be informational – hence “The 4-1-1”. I respect people too much; especially those that want to enrich their lives and learn something new. I am not saying that these particular books do not contain valuable information because I’m sure they do, however when it comes to learning new things I think we should be more supportive. Maybe these titles were just an attempt at humor but in a society where people are shunned, made fun of, told that they are nothing, etc., I feel it important to not fall into the trap of making someone feel bad just because they don’t know something. So, if you want to be encouraged to learn something new or know someone that could use some extra help, pick up a copy of “The 4-1-1 on Life Skills” today. We need to encourage, support and love those around us.

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