She helped me make the decision to accept a new position

I would like to thank Michele Sfakianos – I listened to her 10 CD Series (10 Action Concepts) and it helped me make the decision to accept a new position.

Fran B., Fort Myers, FL

A Wealth Of Opportunities

Michele has provided excellent training in the past. Her ability to communicate new and complex concepts clearly and concisely always amazes me. She takes the extra time to focus on the areas that are most difficult and seems to understand how to balance that with areas that can be taught more quickly. Michele’s expertise in many areas including healthcare, management, management concepts, publishing, IT, and self growth always allows for a wealth of opportunities for people to learn new things. I would recommend her involvement in any training or project that a true professional is needed on.

– Ed C. (Pennsylvania)

Demonstrates A Power To Excel

I met Michele as few years ago while attending meetings together. I appreciate her ability in speaking the truth, getting the attention of the audience, and allowing God to move her in the direction opening her to be real. She helps others in seeing the potential inside of them.  She demonstrates a power to excel and a desire to show others how to bring that out in themselves.

Michele is a life coach that lives her life to show others how to uncover their dreams. I am looking forward to see my own purpose fulfilled.

– Karen Droke

Highly Recommend

It is with great honor to write this testimonial about Michele Sfakianos it ceases to amaze me on all that she has accomplished; writing 10 books that provide tools to break thru many circumstances that can block our successes in relationships/home/business. I thrilled me to know she is now a Certified Coach being trained with John Maxwell. I highly recommend Michelle for Key Note Speaking & or Training – all would benefit with learning the tools necessary to create the life of their dreams.

– Lisa Doyle-Mitchell (Florida)

Very Fortunate To Have Michele

I worked closely with Michele during the install of a new system. She was always very well prepared. She helped us understand how the system worked and what we needed to do to build and maintain the system. She came to us after we had started the build and was instrumental in helping us meet our deadlines. Her presentations were always well planned and she was very hands on in helping us. It was obvious to us she was very knowledgeable about the system. We were very fortunate to have Michele with us.

– Karen Goodwin (Tennessee)

Keen and Caring

It is very often I meet people who “say” they want to help me at The Boys & Girls club. Michele was in action and DID in fact greatly help our Junior Women of Initiative-JWOI mentoring program.  She mentored, presented and gave the young girls a sense of value and that they mattered. Her presentation and teaching skills were keen and caring. I am hopeful she will make time to come back for another session.

– Kelly E Capolino (Florida)

She is awesome!

Michele does a great job for us.  She understands complex business processes, the technologies that may be available and the opportunities for effective knowledge transfer.  She has the self-confidence to make sure that her points are understood and the sensitivity to express her opinion in ways that respect those around her. She utilizes her “hands-on” philosophy to quickly earn the respect of others and constantly challenges herself to satisfy her perpetual thirst for knowledge. She is awesome!

– Alan B. (Miami, FL)

Very informative

Michele was very informative about what it takes to publish a book. The process delivered makes me feel as if it’s absolutely possible to do.

(Estero, FL)

She helped me to understand…

How manageable self-publishing can be and can brand any business owner as an expert in their field.

-Carole (Bonita Springs, FL)

Saved me time!

Michele provided a lot of information regarding publishing that saved me from making the wrong decision!

(Bonita Springs, FL)