A Year Later

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Can we heal together?

Last year at this time the world shut down. Many lost their jobs, while others went to work every day wearing masks, shields, gloves and whatever else they could find to protect themselves. The fatalities were only beginning. No one really knew what was going on or how bad it was going to get. We stopped visiting family and friends. We were asked to stay away. Heartbreaking…to have to stop seeing your own family; not to be able to say good-bye to those we lost; to be sheltered in place and not know how we were going to pay bills, buy food or provide for our families; and that we were not given the “whole truth” of what was going on. Or were we?

No matter what your situation was at the time, things are definitely different now. Many say that this is the new normal. Is this your new normal? Are you still wearing a mask? If so, for how long? If not, when did you stop?

Everyone has their beliefs and many reasons for why or why not to wear a mask. I personally still wear a mask when around a large crowd. I also still wear a mask at work because it is required (Registered Nurse). Did you get the vaccine? If not, will you eventually?

Have you stopped to think about the toll this is taking on small children? All they see are eyes – no facial expressions from others. How will children learn to smile at others if they don’t see it? What will this to do their personality? Have you seen differences in the generations – you know – before mask and after mask generation? I have. I’m not saying it is right or wrong to wear a mask. To each his own. The question I’m asking is what are we going to do to help this younger generation to understand what might be missing in their lives? When we are able to take off our masks, how will the babies and toddlers react – since just seeing the faces of their parents – after all of this time?

What type of facial movements (aka facial tics) will we all be left with? I know I’m constantly moving my mask with my chin and catch myself doing it without the mask! And – our ears – many will need to have a plastic surgeon pin their ears back after wearing the tight masks that brought their ears forward day in and day out. And don’t get me started on my hands. I pray one day they will be healed and not red, cracked and bleeding at times due to the constant hand-washing, gloves and hand-sanitizer.

Through all of the stress – we have all aged. Some of the pictures I’ve seen online of those before the quarantine and after the quarantine look as if they have aged 5-10 years. Can you relate?

The division in our country is far worse than any virus. People are afraid, angry, and disillusioned. We all need to stop the madness and come together as one – unified in belief. We need to believe in each other again. Help each other. Love one another. Care for one another. Protect each other. What are we waiting for?

This post may or may not affect you. I’m hoping it gets you to thinking on how to help your community to come together. We can get things back on track again – one community at a time.

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